A baseball decorated with the Olympic rings, uniting two sports realms.

Baseball & Olympics Merge

A letter stamped with MLB and MLBPA logos, advocating for Olympic baseball.


Silhouette of a baseball player in thought, hinting at Olympic participation.

Players' Olympic Dilemma

Tokyo skyline with floating baseball symbols, marking the 2020 comeback.

Tokyo's Baseball Return

The Eiffel Tower stands tall next to a clear 'No Baseball' sign.

Paris' Baseball Absence

A table set with IOC insignia and baseball gear, symbolizing 2028 discussions.

IOC's 2028 Sports Review

Equipment from diverse sports, hinting at the 2028 Olympic expansion.

2028's New Sports Proposal

A baseball player behind bars, portraying MLB's past Olympic bans.

MLB's Olympic Restrictions

A bustling baseball stadium flying the Olympic flag, suggesting a brighter future.

Hopeful Olympic Future