Master Your Game with Best Softball Drills Explained

softball drills

Softball coaches are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve their team’s skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, incorporating the right drills into your practice routine can be the key to unlocking your full potential on the field.

Fortunately, the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) offers a treasure trove of resources to help coaches enhance their practice plans and take their athletes to new heights. From outfield drills to pitching techniques, the NFCA’s exclusive “Coach’s Box” provides access to a vast database of softball drills, practice plans, videos, and more.

With the help of these valuable resources, coaches can tailor their practice sessions to target specific skills and areas of improvement. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your outfield skills, fine-tune your pitching mechanics, or boost your catching abilities, the NFCA’s collection of drills has got you covered.

Key Takeaways:

  • Softball coaches can access a wide range of drills through the NFCA’s “Coach’s Box” resources.
  • Incorporating position-specific drills can enhance players’ skills and teamwork.
  • The NFCA offers both beginner-friendly and advanced drills to cater to athletes of all skill levels.
  • Utilizing these drills can help players improve their fielding, pitching, catching, and hitting abilities.
  • The NFCA’s resources are designed to help athletes reach their full potential and master the game of softball.

Enhance Your Outfield Skills with These Softball Drills

When it comes to being a successful softball player, strong outfield skills are essential. To help you improve in this area, I’ve gathered a collection of effective outfield drills that can take your game to the next level. These drills, contributed by experienced coaches like Josh Bloomer of South Carolina, focus on various aspects of outfield play, including catching, diving, line drive catches, and throwing. By incorporating these drills into your practice routines, you’ll be able to enhance your skills and become a standout outfielder.

One of the standout drills is the “Diving Catch Drill,” which helps you develop the technique and confidence to make incredible diving catches. Another drill, the “Pressure Line Drive Drill,” simulates game-like situations, helping you improve your ability to react quickly and make accurate line drive catches. Additionally, the “Throwing Accuracy Drill” focuses on improving your throwing accuracy, a crucial aspect of outfield play. By practicing these drills regularly, you’ll be able to track down fly balls with ease, make highlight-reel catches, and make accurate throws to keep runners in check.

These outfield drills are just a sample of what you can find in the NFCA’s Coach’s Box. By accessing the drills database and other resources available, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge and guidance at your fingertips. So, get out there, put in the work, and watch as your outfield skills soar to new heights!

Take Your Infield Game to the Next Level with These Softball Drills

When it comes to softball, a strong infield is essential for a successful team. The NFCA’s Coach’s Box offers a collection of infield drills contributed by coaches from all levels of the game. These drills are designed to improve fielding skills, enhance defensive performance, and strengthen teamwork.

One of the featured infield drills is the Hoosier Scramble Drill, demonstrated by Grayson Radcliffe, the shortstop for Indiana University. This drill focuses on agility and quick reaction time, allowing players to practice their fielding skills while under pressure. By incorporating this drill into practice routines, coaches can help their players become more confident in their fielding abilities.

“The Hoosier Scramble Drill has been a game-changer for our infield. It has helped our players develop better fielding techniques and improve their overall performance on the field.” – Grayson Radcliffe, Shortstop for Indiana University

In addition to the Hoosier Scramble Drill, Shonda Stanton, the head coach of Indiana Softball, offers a variety of infield drills in the virtual coaching clinics provided by the NFCA. These drills focus on specific aspects of infield play, such as double plays, backhand plays, and bunt defense. Coaches can utilize these drills to help their players refine their defensive skills and become more effective on the field.

By incorporating these infield drills into practice routines, coaches can take their team’s infield game to the next level. Improved fielding skills and a strong defensive performance can make a significant difference in the outcome of games. With the resources provided by the NFCA, coaches have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help their players excel in the infield.

infield drills

Drill NameDescription
Hoosier Scramble DrillA drill that focuses on agility and quick reaction time, helping players develop better fielding techniques under pressure.
Double Play DrillA drill that simulates game-like situations to practice turning double plays effectively.
Backhand DrillA drill that emphasizes proper footwork and technique for making backhand plays.
Bunt Defense DrillA drill that teaches players how to effectively defend against bunts and make quick, accurate throws.

Position-Specific Softball Drills to Enhance Your Performance

When it comes to developing a well-rounded softball team, position-specific drills are essential. These drills focus on the unique skills and techniques required for each position on the field. By incorporating position-specific drills into your practice routine, you can help your players improve their performance and excel in their respective roles.

Pitching Drills

Pitching is one of the most critical aspects of the game, and specialized drills can help pitchers refine their mechanics and enhance their overall performance. Position-specific pitching drills focus on areas such as speed, accuracy, and different pitch variations. These drills can improve a pitcher’s command, control, and ability to deceive batters with their pitches. By incorporating pitching drills into your practice sessions, you can help your pitchers become more dominant on the mound.

Hitting Drills

Another crucial position in softball is the hitter. Position-specific hitting drills can help batters develop their swing mechanics, timing, and power. These drills target specific aspects of hitting, such as generating bat speed, improving hand-eye coordination, and mastering different hit types. By incorporating these drills into your practice routine, you can help your hitters become more consistent and effective at the plate.

Fielding Drills

Fielding positions, such as infielders and outfielders, also require specific skills that can be honed through position-specific drills. Infield drills focus on improving footwork, glove work, and quick decision-making, while outfield drills concentrate on catching fly balls, throwing accuracy, and reading the trajectory of the ball. By incorporating these drills into your practice sessions, you can help your fielders become more agile, confident, and efficient in their respective positions.

PitcherCircle Change-Up
ShortstopDouble Play Drill
OutfielderLine Drive Communication
CatcherBlocking Techniques
First BasemanPick Drill


Position-specific drills are instrumental in developing the skills and abilities required for each position in softball. Pitchers can enhance their command and pitch variety through pitching drills, while hitters can improve their mechanics and power with specialized hitting drills. Fielding drills focus on footwork, catching, and throwing techniques to help infielders and outfielders excel in their positions. By incorporating position-specific drills into your practice routine, you can elevate your players’ performance and set them up for success on the field.

Improve Your Softball Pitching with Effective Drills

Pitching is a crucial skill in softball, and honing your pitching technique can significantly impact your performance on the field. To help coaches and players develop their pitching skills, the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) provides a wealth of resources, including a dedicated Drills Database and the Digital Education Library.

The Drills Database offers a wide range of pitching drills that target different aspects of the technique, from grip and arm motion to speed and accuracy. Coaches and players can access these drills to work on their mechanics and refine their pitches. Additionally, the Digital Education Library provides valuable insights and tips from experienced pitching coaches to further enhance pitching skills.

An example of a pitching drill from the NFCA’s Drills Database is Hal Wynn’s tips on working on rise ball spin. This drill helps pitchers develop the necessary spin and control to effectively throw a rise ball, a pitch that moves upward as it approaches the batter. By focusing on the specific mechanics of the rise ball, pitchers can improve their ability to deceive hitters and increase their effectiveness on the mound.

Pitching DrillDescription
Rise Ball Spin DrillFocuses on developing the proper spin and control for a rise ball pitch
Changeup Technique DrillTeaches the mechanics and timing for an effective changeup pitch
Cutting Movement DrillHelps pitchers master the cutting movement to create movement on the ball

Incorporating these pitching drills into training sessions can have a positive impact on a pitcher’s performance. Consistent practice and dedicated focus on technique can lead to improved speed, accuracy, and overall effectiveness on the mound. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pitcher, these resources from the NFCA can help you take your pitching game to the next level.

Enhance Your Softball Catching Skills with These Drills

As a softball coach, I understand the importance of developing strong catching skills in my players. Catchers play a crucial role in the game, and their defensive abilities can greatly impact the team’s success. That’s why it’s essential to incorporate effective catching drills into our practice routines. In this section, I will share some valuable drills that can help improve your team’s catching skills.

Catching Drill 1: Blocking Technique Drill

One of the essential skills for catchers is the ability to block pitches in the dirt. This drill focuses on teaching catchers proper blocking techniques and enables them to react quickly to low pitches.

“Blocking is a fundamental skill for catchers, as it prevents wild pitches and allows the pitcher to throw confidently. In this drill, have the catcher assume the blocking position, and the coach will throw balls in the dirt. The catcher must quickly react and use their body to block the ball, keeping it in front of them. Encourage catchers to use their chest protector, leg guards, and mitt to effectively block the pitches. Repetition and technique are key to mastering this skill.” – Stacey Nuveman-Deniz

By practicing this drill regularly, catchers will develop the muscle memory and confidence needed to effectively block difficult pitches.

Catching Drill 2: Framing Technique Drill

Another essential skill for catchers is the ability to frame pitches effectively. This drill focuses on teaching catchers how to present pitches in a way that makes them appear as strikes to the umpire.

“Framing pitches is an art that can significantly impact the outcome of the game. In this drill, set up a pitching machine or have a coach throw pitches to the catcher. The catcher’s goal is to receive the pitch and subtly move their glove to present the pitch in the strike zone. Encourage catchers to practice soft hands and smooth movements to avoid tipping off the umpire. Focus on technique and precision throughout the drill.” – Jen Schroeder

By honing their framing skills, catchers can help their pitchers gain advantageous strike calls from the umpire.

Blocking Technique DrillImprove blocking skills– Assume blocking position\n- Coach throws balls in the dirt\n- Catcher blocks the pitches using body and equipment\n- Repeat for desired number of repetitions
Framing Technique DrillEnhance framing skills– Set up pitching machine or have coach throw pitches\n- Catcher receives pitches and subtly moves glove to frame them as strikes\n- Focus on soft hands and smooth movements\n- Repeat for desired number of repetitions

Incorporating these catching drills into your practice routines will help your players develop the necessary skills to excel behind the plate. Remember to emphasize proper technique, repetition, and attention to detail. With consistent practice, your catchers will become an asset to your team’s defense.

softball catching drills

Fun and Engaging Softball Drills for Beginners

When it comes to coaching beginner softball players, it’s important to make practices fun and engaging. By incorporating enjoyable drills, coaches can create a positive learning environment that helps young athletes develop their skills and love for the game. The NFCA’s Coach’s Box offers a variety of beginner softball drills that are both effective and exciting.

Fielding Fundamentals: The Scoop Drill

One effective drill for teaching beginners the fundamentals of fielding is the Scoop Drill. This drill helps players practice getting low and using proper technique to scoop ground balls. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a row of cones or markers in a straight line, about 10-15 feet apart.
  2. Place a softball on the ground next to each cone.
  3. Have players line up behind the first cone.
  4. One at a time, players should approach the cone, get low to the ground, and use a scooping motion to pick up the ball.
  5. Players then jog to the next cone and repeat the drill.

This drill not only helps beginners develop proper fielding technique, but it also improves their footwork and agility. It’s a fun and engaging way to teach the basics of fielding and can be easily adapted for players of different skill levels.

Throwing Basics: The Step and Toss Drill

Another important aspect of softball is throwing accurately and with the right form. The Step and Toss Drill is a simple yet effective drill that helps beginners work on their throwing mechanics. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Have players pair up and stand about 10 feet apart.
  2. Players should take a step forward with their non-throwing foot and then toss the ball to their partner.
  3. Encourage players to focus on using their entire body to generate power and to follow through with their throwing motion.
  4. After a set number of throws, have players switch positions and repeat the drill.

This drill allows beginners to practice their throwing technique in a controlled and repetitive manner. It helps them develop accuracy, arm strength, and proper form, all while having fun with their teammates.

Beginner Softball Drills

Another valuable drill for young athletes is the “Hitting Tee Drill.” This drill allows players to practice their hitting technique and develop hand-eye coordination. Set up a tee with a ball at the appropriate height for each player and have them take turns hitting the ball. Emphasize proper technique, such as keeping their eye on the ball and driving through the swing. This drill not only improves hitting skills but also helps players build confidence at the plate.

Lastly, the “Catching Circuit” is an excellent drill for young catchers to improve their skills behind the plate. Set up several stations that focus on different aspects of catching, such as blocking, framing, and throwing. Divide the players into small groups and have them rotate through each station, practicing different catching techniques. This drill helps young catchers develop their overall catching skills and prepares them to excel in game situations.

Table: Youth Softball Drills Overview

Throwing Accuracy GameImprove throwing accuracyDevelop hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness
Hitting Tee DrillPractice hitting techniqueDevelop hand-eye coordination and build confidence at the plate
Catching CircuitEnhance catching skillsImprove blocking, framing, and throwing abilities

By incorporating these youth softball drills into their coaching routines, coaches can help young athletes develop their skills, build confidence, and foster a love for the game. These drills not only enhance fundamental skills but also promote teamwork, discipline, and a positive attitude. With the right training and guidance, young softball players can embark on a journey of growth and achieve their full potential.

Explore the World of Softball Drills

The game of softball has a rich history that dates back to 1887 when it originated as an indoor sport for women. Since then, the sport has evolved and gained popularity worldwide, with millions of women participating in the game on every continent. With such a global presence, softball drills have become a fundamental aspect of training and skill development for players of all levels.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced player looking to enhance your performance, there are softball drills available to help you master your game. These drills focus on various aspects of the game, including fielding, pitching, catching, and hitting, providing athletes with the tools they need to excel on the field.

To access a wide range of softball drills, coaches and players can turn to resources like the National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA). The NFCA offers a comprehensive database of drills that are tailored to different skill levels and positions. By incorporating these drills into practice routines, athletes can improve their overall skills and reach their full potential.

Whether you’re looking to refine your technique, build teamwork, or enhance specific skills, exploring the world of softball drills is an essential step in becoming a well-rounded player. So, take advantage of the resources available and start incorporating these drills into your training regime today!

softball drills

Table: Overview of Softball Drills

PositionDrill NameFocus
PitchingRise Ball Spin DrillImproving rise ball technique
InfieldHoosier Scramble DrillEnhancing fielding skills
OutfieldLine Drive CatchesImproving catching abilities
CatchingBlocking and Framing TechniquesDeveloping defensive skills
All PositionsFun Drills for BeginnersEngaging young players in skill development


Softball drills are essential for athletes to enhance their skills and improve their performance on the field. By utilizing the resources provided by organizations like the NFCA, coaches have access to a wide range of softball drills tailored to different skill levels and positions. These drills can help athletes develop their fielding, pitching, catching, and hitting abilities, allowing them to reach their full potential.

From outfield drills that improve catching and throwing skills to infield drills that enhance fielding techniques, the NFCA’s Coach’s Box offers a comprehensive collection of resources for coaches to incorporate into their practice routines. Additionally, the position-specific drills provided by the NFCA Coaching Tools help coaches efficiently manage their practice time while focusing on individual player development.

For pitchers, the NFCA provides pitching drills that can improve mechanics and overall performance. Catchers can also benefit from the contributions of renowned catchers, offering drills that cover blocking, framing, and throwing techniques. The NFCA’s Coach’s Box even offers fun and engaging drills for beginners, creating a positive learning environment for young athletes.

By utilizing these softball drills and dedicating themselves to practice, players at all levels can master their game and continuously improve their skills. Softball drills have played a significant role in the evolution of the game and will continue to do so as players strive for excellence. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, incorporating softball drills into your practice routine can help you take your game to the next level.


What resources does the NFCA Coach’s Box provide for softball coaches?

The NFCA Coach’s Box offers access to a drills database, practice plans, videos, and more.

What kind of drills can coaches find in the outfield section of the Coach’s Box?

Coaches can find drills to improve catching, diving, line drive catches, and throwing skills.

What infield drills are available in the Coach’s Box?

The Coach’s Box offers a range of infield drills, including the Hoosier Scramble Drill, contributed by experienced coaches like Grayson Radcliffe and Shonda Stanton.

Does the Coach’s Box provide position-specific drills?

Yes, coaches can find position-specific drills in the NFCA Coaching Tools, including base-covering and home plate receiving drills.

Are there resources specifically focused on pitching drills?

Yes, the NFCA offers a range of resources, including the Drills Database and Digital Education Library, to help coaches develop their pitchers’ mechanics and overall performance.

Which catching techniques do the Coach’s Box resources cover?

The Coach’s Box includes videos and drills contributed by renowned catchers such as Stacey Nuveman-Deniz, Michelle Venturella, and Jen Schroeder, which cover blocking, framing, and throwing techniques.

Are there drills for beginners and young players?

Yes, the Coach’s Box offers a variety of fun drills, like the Scoop Drill and Step and Toss, that engage beginners and focus on fundamentals such as fielding and throwing.

Are there advanced drills available for experienced players?

Yes, coaches can find advanced drills in the Coach’s Box that focus on specific aspects of the game, including advanced pitching techniques, complex infield plays, and strategic base running drills.

Are there specific drills designed for youth players?

Yes, the Coach’s Box provides a range of drills specifically designed for youth players, focusing on fundamentals like catching, throwing, and hitting, while incorporating fun and engaging elements.

How has the game of softball evolved over time?

Softball drills have evolved alongside the game itself, which has a rich history dating back to 1887. Today, softball is played globally by millions of women, with drills continuously pushing the game forward.


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