8 Best Softball Drills for Your Next Tryout

8 best softball drills for your next tryout

Softball tryouts are a crucial opportunity to showcase your skills and make the team of your dreams. To help you succeed, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 Best Softball Drills For Your Next Tryout that can significantly improve your performance and increase your chances of making the cut.

Why Proper Drills Matter

Before we dive into the specifics of each drill, it’s essential to understand why proper drills are essential for your tryout success. These drills target the fundamental skills needed in softball, such as hitting, fielding, and pitching, which are often evaluated during tryouts. The right drills can set you apart from the competition, enhancing your chances of being selected for the team.

Now, let’s delve into the first drill.

Drill 1: The Perfect Swing

Making solid contact with the ball is a critical skill in softball, and it starts with having the perfect swing. This drill is designed to improve your batting technique and consistency.

Steps to a Perfect Swing

1Stance: Start with a balanced and comfortable stance in the batter’s box.
2Grip: Hold the bat correctly with both hands, maintaining a relaxed grip.
3Load: Shift your weight to your back foot and coil your body.
4Stride: Take a small step towards the pitcher and keep your eyes on the ball.
5Contact: Swing smoothly and make contact with the center of the ball.
6Follow Through: Complete your swing with a full follow-through.
Mastering the perfect swing can significantly improve your hitting performance, making it a valuable skill during softball tryouts.

Drill 2: Infield Mastery

Fielding is another critical aspect of softball, particularly for players in the infield. To excel during tryouts, you must showcase exceptional fielding skills. The “Infield Mastery” drill is designed to enhance your fielding abilities.

Infield Mastery Drill

  1. Positioning: Start in your preferred infield position (e.g., shortstop, second base, or third base).
  2. Ground Balls: Have a partner hit ground balls to you.
  3. Fielding Technique: Use proper fielding techniques such as getting low, keeping your glove down, and staying in front of the ball.
  4. Quick Release: Work on a quick and accurate throw to first base.

Remember, during tryouts, coaches pay close attention to your ability to field ground balls cleanly and make accurate throws. Practice this drill to stand out during the evaluation.

Drill 3: Pitching Precision

Pitching is often considered one of the most critical skills in softball. During tryouts, your ability to deliver accurate and consistent pitches can significantly impact your team’s chances. The “Pitching Precision” drill is designed to help you hone your pitching skills.

Steps for Pitching Precision

  1. Proper Stance: Start with the correct pitching stance, ensuring your feet are shoulder-width apart.
  2. Grip: Hold the softball correctly, with your fingers on the seams for better control.
  3. Windup: Begin your windup with a smooth and controlled motion.
  4. Delivery: Focus on delivering the pitch with proper mechanics and strong follow-through.
  5. Accuracy: Aim for specific strike zone spots and practice consistently hitting those spots.

Pitching is an art that requires dedication and practice. Working on your pitching precision can set you apart during tryouts, as coaches look for reliable pitchers who can control the game.

Drill 4: Catching Confidence

Catching is a crucial skill in softball, and a confident catcher can make a significant difference during a game. This “drill,” “Catching Confidence,” is designed to improve your catching abilities and build the trust you need during tryouts.

Developing Catching Confidence

  1. Stance: Start in the catcher’s squat position with knees bent, glove low, and the mitt’s target pointed towards the pitcher.
  2. Framing: Practice framing pitches by subtly moving your glove to present each pitch to the umpire in the best possible light.
  3. Blocking: Work on blocking pitches in the dirt, ensuring they don’t get past you.
  4. Throwing: Practice quick and accurate throws to bases, especially when attempting to catch a baserunner stealing.
  5. Pitcher-Catcher Relationship: Develop a strong relationship with your pitchers, knowing their strengths and preferences.

A skilled catcher can save runs, control the game, and earn the trust of both pitchers and coaches. Demonstrating catching confidence during tryouts will surely leave a positive impression.

Drill 5: Speed and Agility

Speed and agility are essential attributes for every softball player. The ability to swiftly maneuver on the field, steal bases, and chase down fly balls can make a significant difference during tryouts. This drill focuses on improving your speed and agility.

Enhancing Speed and Agility

  1. Agility Ladder Drills: Incorporate ladder drills to improve footwork and quick lateral movements.
  2. Sprint Training: Work on short sprints to enhance your acceleration and top speed.
  3. Change of Direction: Practice quick changes of direction, which are often required in fielding and baserunning.
  4. Plyometric Exercises Include exercises to build explosive power, such as squat jumps and burpees.

Speed and agility can help you stand out, whether sprinting to first base or making a diving catch in the outfield. Being swift and agile adds value to your skill set during tryouts.

Drill 6: Base Running Basics

Base running is a fundamental skill in softball, and your ability to navigate the base paths efficiently can greatly impact your performance during tryouts. The “Base Running Basics” drill focuses on enhancing your base running skills.

Mastering Base Running

  1. Leadoffs: Learn the proper techniques for getting a good leadoff from the base.
  2. Stealing Bases: Practice the timing and speed necessary for successful base stealing.
  3. Turning Corners: Work on your technique for rounding bases efficiently.
  4. Sliding: Practice different slides, including the hook and pop-up slides.
  5. Reading the Pitcher: Develop the ability to read the pitcher’s movements to anticipate pitches and pick the perfect moments to run.

Base running skills can set you apart during tryouts by showcasing your ability to advance on the base paths intelligently and swiftly. Demonstrating these skills can earn you valuable points with coaches and evaluators.

Drill 7: Defensive Drills

Solid defensive skills are highly valued in softball, as they can prevent opponents from scoring and give your team a competitive edge. This section focuses on essential defensive drills that can elevate your performance during tryouts.

Key Defensive Drills

  1. Ground Ball Drill: Practice fielding ground balls and making quick, accurate throws to the appropriate base.
  2. Fly Ball Drill: Work on tracking and catching fly balls, whether they’re hit to the outfield or infield.
  3. Cutoff and Relay Drill: Hone your skills in positioning yourself as the relay person and making precise throws to the target.
  4. Double Play Drill: If you’re an infielder, practice turning double plays effectively.

Remember, effective defense is not limited to a specific position. Strong defensive skills can be a game-changer during tryouts, whether you play in the infield, outfield, or behind the plate.

Drill 8: Mental Toughness Training

Softball is not just about physical skills; mental toughness is vital to your performance. This drill focuses on developing the mental resilience needed to excel during tryouts and high-pressure situations.

Building Mental Toughness

  1. Visualization: Practice mental imagery to visualize success and focus on your goals.
  2. Positive Self-Talk: Develop a habit of positive self-talk to boost your confidence and keep doubts at bay.
  3. Handling Pressure: Create pressure situations in practice to simulate the intensity of tryouts.
  4. Resilience: Learn to bounce back from mistakes and stay resilient throughout the tryout process.
  5. Preparation: Develop a pre-tryout routine to calm nerves and build confidence.

Mental toughness can be a significant differentiator during tryouts. Coaches value players who can stay calm under pressure and maintain a positive mindset.


This comprehensive guide explores the 8 Best Softball Drills to prepare you for your next tryout. By mastering these drills, you can enhance your skills and increase your chances of making the team of your dreams. Whether you want to improve your batting, fielding, pitching, catching, speed, base running, defense, or mental resilience, these drills provide a well-rounded approach to success.

Now, it’s your turn to take action and start practicing. Remember that consistency and dedication are key to your improvement. As you work on these drills, you’ll boost your performance during tryouts and develop a deep love for the game of softball.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further guidance on any of these drills. Best of luck with your tryout preparations!


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