Jill Cantrell Morrison’s Generous Donation

Northwestern State Softball's Boost: Jill Cantrell Morrison's Generous Donation

NATCHITOCHES – In a remarkable display of generosity and unwavering support, Northwestern State University’s softball program has received a substantial boost towards enhancing its facilities. This significant stride towards progress comes from a $10,000 donation from a passionate Demon enthusiast, Jill Cantrell Morrison.

The Vision Takes Shape

For years, the NSU softball program has been diligently planning facility upgrades. These plans encompassed expanding and enclosing the pitching and batting cages and improving the surrounding sidewalks. The program’s commitment to fostering excellence on and off the field has been unwavering, and this recent development marks a substantial leap forward.

Jill Cantrell Morrison: A Devoted Supporter

Jill Cantrell Morrison’s deep-rooted connection with Northwestern State University and her enthusiasm for sports have been pivotal in propelling this project toward fruition. Originally hailing from Marthaville, Morrison’s love for NSU has been evident through her involvement with the Demons Unlimited Foundation board since 2010. Additionally, she has endowed a scholarship that directly benefits a student-athlete, showcasing her commitment to fostering talent within the university.

A Family Tradition of Giving Back

Morrison’s dedication to NSU extends beyond the softball program. As a member of the NSU Foundation board, she and her extended family have established another endowed scholarship to support students from Marthaville. This family’s philanthropic legacy is deeply intertwined with the university’s growth and success.

A Grateful Acknowledgment

The impact of Jill Cantrell Morrison’s generous donation has not gone unnoticed. Director of Athletics Keven Bostian expressed his gratitude, saying, “We would like to thank NSU alum and board member Jill Morrison, her husband Dave, and their children Madelyn and Nicholas for their gift to support our indoor batting/pitching cage project. Your support is greatly appreciated.” This heartfelt sentiment resonates throughout the NSU community.

From Texas to Natchitoches: A Family’s Commitment

Jill Cantrell Morrison resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, Dave, and their two children, Madelyn and Nicholas. Madelyn actively participates in club softball and volleyball, along with her school’s volleyball team, while Nicholas actively engages in select baseball and wrestling for his school club team. Despite living in Texas, their roots in Northwestern State, Natchitoches, and Marthaville remain strong, and they make it a point to return “home” as frequently as possible.

A Bright Future Ahead

Thanks to the generosity of individuals like Jill Cantrell Morrison and her family, the Northwestern State softball program is on a path toward enhanced excellence. The $10,000 donation signifies more than just financial support; it represents a community’s dedication to fostering athletic talent and promoting the university’s traditions.

As the construction and improvement work progresses on the indoor batting/pitching cage project, the NSU softball program is positioning itself to reach new heights. With the unwavering support of its alumni and fans, Northwestern State University continues to nurture its legacy of athletic excellence and academic achievement.


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