Nevada Soccer’s Victory Over SJSU

Nevada Soccer Makes History with 2-0 Victory Over SJSU


In a thrilling showdown at Mackay Stadium, Nevada soccer emerged victorious, defeating the reigning Mountain West champions, San Jose State, with a resounding 2-0 win. This monumental victory unfolded before a boisterous crowd of 1,093 fans, marking a historic milestone as the most significant attended home match in Nevada soccer program history. Let’s delve into the electrifying moments and standout performances that made this match memorable.

Rising Stars: Maddie Benson and Trinity Sandridge Shine

Defender Maddie Benson Opens the Scoreboard

Erupted as sophomore defender Maddie Benson netted her first goal of the season. The play unfolded precisely as Benson capitalized on a golden opportunity, displaying remarkable composure and skill to give Nevada the early lead. This goal was not just a personal milestone for Benson but a significant turning point for the team.

Trinity Sandridge’s Remarkable Consecutive Goal Streak

Junior forward Trinity Sandridge demonstrated her prowess by scoring a crucial goal in the 47th minute, securing her second consecutive match with a goal. Sandridge’s brilliant strike found the top corner of the net from 10 yards out, further extending Nevada’s lead to 2-0. Her consistency and ability to shine under pressure have made her a vital asset to the team.

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Ally Larkin’s Heroic Goalkeeping

Redshirt freshman goalkeeper Ally Larkin played a pivotal role in Nevada’s victory, delivering her second shutout of the season and making six crucial saves. Larkin’s remarkable performance between the posts ensured that San Jose State’s offensive efforts remained fruitless, securing the clean sheet and the win for Nevada.

Dominating Possession and Defensive Excellence

Executing Perfectly on the First Shot Attempt

Nevada showcased their tactical prowess by dominating possession and denying San Jose State’s offense any rhythm. Their first shot attempt of the match, orchestrated brilliantly by sophomore forward Serene Gronauer and junior forward Emily Rich, resulted in Maddie Benson’s opening goal, setting the stage for their triumphant performance.

Solid Defensive Effort

Nevada’s defensive unit remained resolute throughout the match. They thwarted San Jose State’s attempts to equalize, with Ally Larkin making crucial saves when needed. Notably, the Spartans’ two shots on goal during the first half were expertly denied by Larkin. Nevada’s defense tightened its grip as the first half drew close, preventing San Jose State from having a shot opportunity in the final 12 minutes before halftime.

The Spartans’ Determined Effort

Despite facing a formidable Nevada side, the Spartans exhibited resilience by collecting two shots on goal immediately after Nevada’s second goal. Ally Larkin, however, proved to be an impenetrable force, making two vital saves to maintain Nevada’s lead. In the final 14 minutes, San Jose State pressed forward with five shots, but Nevada’s defense remained steadfast, securing the much-deserved clean sheet.

Nevada’s Standings and Mountain West Tournament Aspirations

With this remarkable victory, Nevada has amassed seven points in the Mountain West standings, currently holding the fourth position. It’s worth noting that the top six teams in the conference standings earn the coveted spots in the Mountain West tournament. The triumph over the reigning champions has undoubtedly boosted Nevada’s aspirations of clinching a spot in the tournament.

Looking Ahead: Nevada Hits the Road

The Pack’s journey continues as they hit the road to face Colorado College on Thursday at 6 p.m. This exciting matchup promises to deliver more thrilling moments as Nevada aims to maintain their winning momentum.


Nevada’s triumph over San Jose State is a testament to the team’s skill, determination, and unwavering fan support. With history in the making and the road to the Mountain West tournament ahead, the future looks bright for Nevada soccer. Stay tuned for thrilling updates as the Pack continues its journey to greatness in soccer.


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