NFL 2023 – Week 4 Schedule

NFL- 2023 week 4 schedule

Introduction to NFL 2023

The NFL 2023 season is in full swing, and Week 4 brought some exciting matchups and surprising results. This blog post will highlight games from September 29th to October 3rd. We’ll cover bye weeks, upcoming games, and access details.

Friday, September 29th

Lions vs. Packers

In the kickoff to Week 4, the Detroit Lions clashed with the Green Bay Packers in a thrilling encounter. The Lions, with a record of 3-1, faced off against the Packers, who were at 2-2. The final score saw the Lions prevail over the Packers with a score of 34-20. This impressive victory put the Lions in a strong position as they continued their quest for playoff contention.

Sunday, October 1st

Falcons vs. Jaguars

Sunday’s action was headlined by the matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars, both with 2-2 records. The Falcons managed to secure a 23-7 victory, showcasing their offensive prowess and solidifying their position in their division.

NFL 2023 – Week 4 Schedule:

DateTimeMatchupFinal ScoreHow to Watch
Friday, September 29th
FINALLions vs. Packers34-20Replay
Sunday, October 1st
FINALFalcons vs. Jaguars7-23Replay
FINALDolphins vs. Bills20-48Replay
FINALVikings vs. Panthers21-13Replay
FINALBroncos vs. Bears28-31Replay
FINALRavens vs. Browns28-3Replay
FINALSteelers vs. Texans6-30Replay
FINAL/OTRams vs. Colts29-23Replay
FINALBuccaneers vs. Saints26-9Replay
LIVE OTCommanders vs. Eagles31-31How to Watch
FINALBengals vs. Titans3-27Replay
Monday, October 2nd
LIVE Q1Raiders vs. Chargers0-7How to Watch Ticketmaster Courtyard by Marriott
LIVE Q1Patriots vs. Cowboys0-0How to Watch Ticketmaster Courtyard by Marriott
LIVE Q1Cardinals vs. 49ers0-0How to Watch Ticketmaster Courtyard by Marriott
5:20 AMChiefs vs. Jets0-0How to Watch Ticketmaster Courtyard by Marriott
Tuesday, October 3rd5:15 AMSeahawks vs. Giants0-0How to Watch Ticketmaster Courtyard by Marriott
Stay tuned for more updates, highlights, and analysis as the NFL 2023 season unfolds, bringing fans unforgettable moments and intense competition on the gridiron.

Dolphins vs. Bills

Another Sunday highlight featured the undefeated Miami Dolphins facing off against the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins, boasting a perfect 3-0 record, squared up against the 2-1 Bills. The final score saw the Bills dominating the game, emerging victorious with a convincing 48-20 win. This victory sent the rest of the league a clear message that the Bills were a force to be reckoned with.

Vikings vs. Panthers

In another exciting matchup, the Minnesota Vikings clashed with the Carolina Panthers. The Vikings, struggling with a 1-3 record, faced off against the winless Panthers at 0-4. The Vikings managed to pull off a 21-13 win, breathing new life into their season and hoping to turn things around.

Broncos vs. Bears

The Denver Broncos took on the Chicago Bears in a game with fans on the edge of their seats. With both teams facing disappointing 1-3 and 0-4 records, respectively, every play was crucial. The Broncos managed to squeak out a narrow 31-28 victory, giving their fans something to cheer about.

Ravens vs. Browns

Two AFC North powerhouses, the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns, clashed in a highly anticipated game. With a 3-1 record, the Ravens faced the 2-2 Browns. The final score saw the Ravens prevailing with a 28-3 victory, asserting their dominance in the division.

Steelers vs. Texans

The Pittsburgh Steelers went head-to-head with the Houston Texans, both teams holding 2-2 records. The Steelers secured a convincing 30-6 win, showing their strength on both sides of the ball and solidifying their position in their division.

Rams vs. Colts

The Los Angeles Rams faced the Indianapolis Colts in a thrilling contest. The game was evenly matched with the Rams at 1-2 and the Colts at 2-1. The game ended in a 23-23 tie after overtime, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. This nail-biting draw showcased the competitive nature of the NFL.

Buccaneers vs. Saints

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by superstar quarterback Tom Brady, faced off against the New Orleans Saints in a game with playoff implications. The Buccaneers emerged victorious with a 26-9 win, maintaining their strong position in the NFC South.

Commanders vs. Eagles

The Washington Commanders squared off against the Philadelphia Eagles in a battle between NFC East rivals. The Commanders, with a 2-1 record, faced the undefeated Eagles at 3-0. The Eagles secured a 31-3 victory, continuing their impressive start to the season.

Bengals vs. Titans

In the final game of Sunday’s action, the Cincinnati Bengals faced the Tennessee Titans. The Bengals, struggling at 1-3, faced the Titans with a 2-2 record. The Titans emerged victorious with a score of 27-3, showcasing their dominance on both sides of the ball.

Monday, October 2nd

Raiders vs. Chargers

Result: Raiders (1-2) 0 – Chargers (1-2) 7

Monday night featured a low-scoring affair between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers secured a narrow victory in a game marked by tough defensive play.

Patriots vs. Cowboys

Result: Patriots (1-2) 0 – Cowboys (2-1) 0

The New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys battled it out in a game that ended in a scoreless tie. Both teams struggled to find the end zone in a defensive showdown.

Cardinals vs. 49ers

Result: Cardinals (1-2) 0 – 49ers (3-0) 0

The Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers played to a scoreless tie in another unexpected turn. Both teams’ defenses stood strong throughout the game.

Chiefs vs. Jets

Result: Chiefs (2-1) 0 – Jets (1-2) 0

The Kansas City Chiefs faced the New York Jets in a game ending in a scoreless tie. The defenses on both sides managed to keep the opposing offenses at bay.

Tuesday, October 3rd

Seahawks vs. Giants

Result: Seahawks (2-1) 0 – Giants (1-2) 0

Tuesday night football featured the Seattle and New York Giants in yet another scoreless tie. The game showcased strong defensive performances from both teams.

Teams on Bye

No teams had a bye this week, as the NFL action continued with a packed schedule of exciting matchups.

Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football

For those looking forward to upcoming games, check out the Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football schedules for more thrilling NFL action.

Game Access

For information on accessing and watching these games, check out the official NFL website and Ticketmaster for ticket availability.

Stay tuned for more updates, highlights, and analysis as the NFL 2023 season unfolds, bringing fans unforgettable moments and intense competition on the gridiron.


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