Nevada’s vs Fresno State’s victory 27-9

Fresno State Dominates Nevada: 27-9 Victory

In a thrilling display of power and dominance, the No. 25 Fresno State Bulldogs roared to victory as they opened their conference play with a convincing 27-9 win against the struggling Nevada Wolf Pack. This victory marked Fresno State’s 14th consecutive win, showcasing their prowess and determination on the gridiron.

A Strong Start for Fresno State

14 Consecutive Wins and Counting

Fresno State (5-0, 1-0 Mountain West) is enjoying an impressive season, starting with an undefeated record that harkens back to their remarkable 10-0 start in 2013. This 14-game winning streak solidifies their dominance and establishes them as one of the nation’s most formidable football programs. Only the University of Georgia, with an astonishing 22 consecutive wins, stands ahead of them in this remarkable feat. Moreover, this remarkable winning streak is the second-longest in the history of Fresno State football, just trailing behind their legendary 17-game victory run in 1988-89.

Keene and Sherod Shine

Mikey Keene, the Bulldogs’ quarterback, displayed prowess as he connected with Jaelen Gill on two touchdown passes. The first touchdown was an electrifying 65-yard connection in the opening quarter, setting the tone for Fresno State’s offensive brilliance. Malik Sherod, a key component of the Bulldogs’ offence, had a standout performance with 12 carries for 123 yards, including a dazzling 72-yard touchdown run. These stellar plays helped the Bulldogs establish a commanding 14-0 lead at halftime.

Fresno State Dominates Nevada: 27-9 Victory

Dylan Lynch’s Field Goals

Dylan Lynch, the reliable kicker for Fresno State, contributed to the scoreboard with field goals of 48 and 40 yards during the third quarter. These precise kicks extended the Bulldogs’ lead, further frustrating the Wolf Pack’s attempts at a comeback. The scoreboard read 27-0, firmly in Fresno State’s favour.

Gill’s Second Touchdown

Jaelen Gill continued to shine as he caught a 12-yard reception early in the fourth quarter, securing his second touchdown. Gill’s consistent performance throughout the match was pivotal in Fresno State’s commanding lead.

Nevada’s Struggles

Safety for Nevada

The Nevada Wolf Pack (0-5, 0-1) faced an uphill battle against the dominant Fresno State Bulldogs. The challenges mounted for Nevada when Fresno State’s Carlton Johnston intercepted a pass at the Bulldogs’ 2-yard line. On the very next play, Elijah Gilliam was tackled in the end zone, awarding Nevada a safety. This rare safety gave Nevada a minor glimmer of hope amidst their struggles.

The Quarterback Struggles

Nevada’s quarterback situation remained problematic during the game. Starter Brendon Lewis faced a tough Fresno State defense, completing only 10 of 21 passes for a mere 70 yards while throwing two interceptions. The struggles continued for the Wolf Pack as backup quarterback AJ Bianco took the field. While Bianco led an impressive eight-play, 90-yard drive, culminating in a 19-yard touchdown pass to Spencer Curtis, it was too little too late. Bianco’s efforts brought the score to 27-9, but the game was already decided.


Fresno State’s commanding 27-9 victory over Nevada in their conference opener extended their remarkable winning streak and showcased their strength and determination. Mikey Keene and Jaelen Gill’s impressive performances and the Bulldogs’ sturdy defense proved too much for the struggling Wolf Pack. Nevada’s quarterback struggles and Fresno State’s consistent dominance on the field were the defining elements of this game, leaving the Bulldogs jubilant and the Wolf Pack searching for answers as they continue their challenging season in the Mountain West conference.


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