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Home » Bayern Munich’s Joshua Reveals Struggles Against Top Teams

Bayern Munich’s Joshua Reveals Struggles Against Top Teams

Bayern Munich's Joshua Kimmich Reveals Struggles Against Top Teams


In a candid post-match interview, Bayern Munich’s star midfielder Joshua Kimmich didn’t mince words when he admitted that his team has faced significant challenges against top-tier opponents this season. The perennial German champions had to stage a remarkable comeback from a 2-0 deficit during their recent clash against RB Leipzig, eventually securing a share of the points. However, Kimmich’s exasperation stemmed from the nature of the goals conceded, highlighting a broader issue his team is grappling with.

Bayern’s Battle Against Leipzig

The Fight Back in Leipzig

In what can only be described as a nail-biting encounter, Bayern Munich found themselves trailing 2-0 against RB Leipzig. The match, which took place on a Saturday, saw Bayern salvage the draw thanks to goals from Harry Kane and Leroy Sane. Despite this comeback, Kimmich’s frustration stemmed from the nature of the goals conceded.

Defensive Fragility

Bayern Munich’s usually resolute defence displayed vulnerability as they conceded two early goals. This defensive fragility, which had been somewhat uncharacteristic of the Bavarian giants, set off alarm bells among the team’s fans and critics alike.

Kimmich’s Candid Admission

Kimmich’s Candid Assessment

Following the match, Joshua Kimmich didn’t hold back his feelings. “It’s just stupid how we concede the goals,” he lamented, echoing the sentiments of Bayern Munich supporters worldwide. This was more than just frustration; it was an honest acknowledgement of Bayern Munich’s issues.

Struggles Against Top Teams

Kimmich expressed a more overarching concern: “We’re having problems against top teams at the moment. We didn’t get it done against Leverkusen, we didn’t get it done now against Leipzig – and we also got erratic against Manchester United. We’re having problems doing it consistently over 90 minutes against the top teams.”

A Closer Look at Bayern’s Season

A Season of Ups and Downs

It’s worth noting that it’s still relatively early in the season, which makes Kimmich’s candid admission all the more noteworthy.
This season has witnessed Bayern Munich maintaining its long-standing association with high standards and excellence on the football pitch. Still, it has also been punctuated by highs and lows.

Defensive Woes

The defensive issues plaguing Bayern Munich have come to the forefront. With 10 goals conceded against Leipzig (across two games), Manchester United, and Leverkusen, it’s evident that something isn’t quite clicking in Bayern’s defence.

What Lies Ahead for Bayern Munich?

The Road to Redemption

As Bayern Munich looks to make amends for their recent struggles, the focus now shifts to their upcoming Champions League clash. Joshua Kimmich and his teammates will hope for a smoother ride as they face Copenhagen on Tuesday night.


Joshua Kimmich’s candid admission shines a light on Bayern Munich’s struggles against top teams this season. While it’s still early in the campaign, the defensive issues and erratic performances against quality opposition have raised. Concerns among fans and players alike. As Bayern strives to maintain its lofty standards and chase silverware, fans and pundits alike will closely watch the team’s performance in the upcoming Champions League clash, hoping for redemption and a return to their dominant form

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