The Truth About Corked Bats in Baseball


In baseball, one controversial topic that has fascinated fans for years is the use of corked bats. A corked bat is one where a cavity is carved out of the barrel and filled with a lightweight material, such as cork. But the question remains: Do corked bats provide an advantage in hitting the ball farther? To address this question, scientists conducted experiments to uncover the truth about corked bats. Their findings shed light on the physics of cheating in baseball.

The Myth of the Corked Bat

Many believe a corked bat can propel a baseball farther, thanks to a supposed “trampoline effect” upon impact. However, research led by Alan Nathan, a professor emeritus of physics at the University of Illinois, debunked this myth. The team hollowed out a bat, filled it with cork, and launched a ball at it from a cannon. Surprisingly, the ball rebounded off the corked bat with less velocity than off a regular bat, leading to shorter hits. The trampoline effect, it turns out, was a fallacy.

The Weight Factor

Another belief is that corking a bat makes it lighter, allowing a batter to swing it faster, generate more force, and hit the ball farther. However, Washington State University’s Sports Science Laboratory experiments showed otherwise. A heavier bat consistently delivered more brutal hits, resulting in longer distances. Therefore, corking will not help a batter hit the ball farther.

However, players may choose to cork their bats to make them lighter, allowing for quicker reaction times and improved ability to judge a ball’s path during the swing. While corking may not extend a batter’s hitting range, it can enhance their ability to make solid contact more frequently.


In conclusion, the idea that corked bats significantly enhance a player’s performance by hitting the ball farther is a myth. Scientific experiments have shown that corking a bat does not result in longer hits. Instead, the choice between a heavier or lighter bat depends on a player’s goals: a heavier bat for more home runs and a lighter bat for a higher batting average.

By separating fact from fiction, this research provides valuable insights into the role of corked bats in baseball, dispelling longstanding misconceptions and contributing to a better understanding of the sport’s dynamics.


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