How to Throw a Curveball in Softball?

How to Throw a Curveball in Softball?


Are you new to softball pitching or seeking guidance to enhance your skills? Look no further – Aksportss is here to provide valuable insights specifically tailored to pitchers. This article will explore the art of how to throw a curveball in softball, a skill that can truly set you apart on the mound.

Unveiling the Curveball

A curveball is a deceptive off-speed pitch commonly used in softball and baseball. This pitch possesses the unique ability to break suddenly in front of the batter, making it an intimidating challenge to hit, especially when executed effectively at the corner of the plate. This article will delve into the fundamentals of the traditional 11-5/2-8 curveball, focusing on its mechanics and execution.

The Power of the Curveball

Many elite softball pitchers wield the curveball as a potent weapon in their arsenal. This pitch can confound batters, disrupt their timing, and ultimately dominate games. Join us as we unravel the secrets behind the curveball’s success.

Preparation and The Grip

Before diving into the mechanics of throwing a curveball, laying the groundwork for success is essential. Whether you’re practicing, in a bullpen session, or during an actual game, a few key steps are crucial.

Signaling the Curveball

If you have a catcher, establish clear communication. Catchers often use a downward two-finger glove sign to indicate that the curveball is the desired pitch. This ensures that both you and your catcher are on the same page.

Signaling the Curveball

Mastering the Grip

A solid grip is the foundation of an effective curveball. Without it, you risk losing control and accuracy, leading to passed balls or pitches that batters can easily capitalize on. Pitchers typically choose between two grip options: the two-seam and the four-seam.

Two-Seam Grip

For the two-seam grip, place a finger on each vertical seam that runs parallel to the ball. There are variations, especially for smaller hands, which may include using an additional finger for support. Focus on your middle and index fingers to achieve the desired curveball effect.

Four-Seam Grip

With the four-seam grip, locate the ball’s upside-down “C” seam pattern and position as many fingers as possible on the seam. Just like with the two-seam grip, emphasize the middle and index fingers to ensure an effective curve. Practice and refine your grip for quick and precise execution.

Here’s a simple breakdown of both what a curveball is and how to throw it if you’re watching or playing a game of softball:

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Release and Follow Through

With the correct grip, it’s time to learn how to generate power and deliver a curveball that baffles batters.

The Powerline Technique

Visualize an imaginary “powerline” extending from the mound’s center to the home plate’s center. As you initiate your arms circle, step forward with your leading foot slightly off-center from the powerline. This strategic positioning sets the stage for your pitch’s trajectory.

Maintaining Control

Maintaining a strong grip and a stiff wrist on your throwing hand throughout the delivery. As your arms circle descends, keep a slight bend in your elbow. When your elbow approaches your torso, close it to your body and direct your swing toward your target.

Achieving the Perfect Release

As your lower body generates power, aim to release the ball around the point it reaches your belly button. Execute a firm “snap” upon release, and let your back leg trail behind toward your front leg to maximize power. When done correctly, your curveball will appear to be heading far from the strike zone, only to break into the lower corner, leaving batters astonished sharply.


In conclusion, mastering the curveball is valuable for any softball pitcher. With the right grip, technique, and execution, you can become a formidable force on the mound, keeping batters guessing and dominating the game. So, step onto the field, practice diligently, and soon, you’ll throw curveballs that leave your opponents in awe.


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