Softball Drills for Beginners

Basic softball drills for beginners can help build a strong foundation and improve their overall performance in the game.

Catch, throw, hit and run—and then some.

Softball Catching Drills

One of the most important skills in softball is catching. These drills will help beginners develop hand-eye coordination and easily catch fly balls.

  1. Pop Fly Catching

In this drill, a coach or a partner will hit pop flies to the player, who must catch the ball before it touches the ground. The player should use two hands and be ready to make the catch.

2. Ground Ball Catching

This drill involves hitting ground balls to the player, who must field the ball and make a quick, accurate throw to first base. This will help improve the player’s reaction time and footwork.

Softball Catching Drills
Softball Catching Drills

Hitting Drills

Hitting is another crucial skill in softball, and these drills will help beginners improve their technique and power.

  1. Tee Work

The player will hit balls off a tee to work on their swing in this drill. The player should focus on making contact with the ball in the centre of the bat and maintaining good form.

2. Soft Toss

In this drill, a coach or partner will gently toss the ball underhanded to the player, who will hit the ball with a bat. This drill helps the player work on their timing and hand-eye coordination.

Hitting Drills
Hitting Drills

Fielding Drills

Fielding is an essential aspect of softball and involves catching and throwing the ball. These drills will help beginners improve their fielding skills and reaction time.

  1. Fielding Ground Balls

In this drill, the player will practice fielding ground balls hit to them and making accurate throws to first base. The player should work on getting into a good fielding position and making quick, accurate throws.

2. Relay Throws

In this drill, two players will practice making relay throws. The player will field the ball and make a quick throw to their partner, who will then throw it to the next base. This drill will help improve the player’s teamwork and communication skills.

Fielding Drills
Fielding Drills
How do you start a beginner softball practice?

Starting a beginner softball practice session can be done by following these simple steps:
1. Warm-up
2. Skill-Building Drills
3. Scrimmage
4. Cool-down

What are the basic softball fundamentals?

The basic softball fundamentals include:
1. Throwing
2. Hitting
3. Fielding
4. Baserunning
5. Pitching


Softball drills are an important part of any player’s development, and these drills for beginners are a great way to get started. Players can develop their skills and become better by practicing regularly and focusing on improvement. Remember to have fun and stay positive, and you’ll be well on your way to success!


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